About Us

Steve SicardSteve Sicard, is the CEO of Sicard Performance Coaching - Training - Consulting.

A performance coaching and training company that has consulted more than 100 business organizations recruited over 10000 job applicants and coached and trained over 5000 individuals.

He has worked with a variety of individuals, businesses, organizations and executives over his almost four decades serving others.

Steve believes that to have exceptional customer satisfaction it is first necessary to have exceptional employee satisfaction. That starts with finding the right soul for the role and giving them the proper tools to serve others.

Steve has started many businesses achieving success and learning thru failures. He found that all behaviors come down to our Habits of Thinking. He has the proper tools to assess and identify an individuals and or teams Habits of Thinking. Once identified these Habits of Thinking can be reviewed. While celebrating the Healthy Habits he assists his clients in changing their unhealthy Habits setting them up for success in their business and personal lives.

Steve has coached international clients at all levels of society. Steve is regularly invited to speak at businesses, organizations, conventions, community meetings, schools, universities, trade association and seminar events.

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