We are a Performance-Coaching, Training and Consulting company that has Coached, Trained and Consulted more than 100 business organizations, recruited over 10,000 job applicants, and Coached and Trained over 5,000 individuals.

Health-Life-Business Performance Coaching

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Improving your life, Health-Mind-Body and Finances, with Accredited Performance Coaching and strong community support!
Coaching on Zoom at no expense to you! https//zoom.us/j/9852768242


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We have the knowledge, experience and skills for all of your Personal, Business and Health training needs. We will tailor your training to your specific needs providing you with the individual attention you deserve!


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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event. Conventions, Conferences, Community Group, or Church? Call us, we are available to speak on a variety of topics listed under our Services tab. We will tailor our talk to your audience.

Sicard Performance Coaching-Training-Consulting

Sicard Performance Coaching-Training-Consulting; specializes in Human Performance Coaching and Training. We provide Coaching, Training, Consulting and support services for individuals, groups or businesses.

Our founder has more than 38 years of coaching experience, and has owned and operated several businesses including major franchises. Our company places a heavy emphasis on personal development and has extensive experience in Life-Health-Business-Coaching, Consulting and Sales & Leadership Training. We’ve been sharing our personal experiences and powerful insights with entrepreneurs, individuals, groups and business teams for almost four decades.

Let us give you sound and insightful personal development advice and guide you in forming Healthy Habits based solid principles.

You’ll quickly notice what sets us apart from others in this field: our passion for serving others.  Our main goal is to serve individuals in Life, Health and Business to achieve their highest potential. We have the extensive experience, along with the passion and determination, to see you and your business succeed. Let us know how we can serve you!

Client Testimonials
The plan created for us by Sicard's Training was the confidence boost our team needed. We have succeeded far past our expectations and look forward to our next session with Steve!

- Mark Dufour